Our history

Larry Mullen Jr: Veronica Lisi
Adam Clayton: Mauro Tonon
Paul Hewson, Bono: Claudio Acquista
David Evans, the Edge: Marina Martinato

Guggi: Elisabetta Zaccaro
Gavin Friday: Maura Rizzo

In winter 2015 Larry Mullen Jr (Veronica Lisi), the creator of the project 40 years with U2, launched different ads on twitter searching for musicians for forming/putting together a rock band.

The most extravagant, creative free spirit par excellence, Adam Clayton (Mauro Tonon) appeared and decided to give the project several of his photographs recently taken in Dublin trips.

Then Paul Hewson, Bono (Claudio Acquista), arrived: tenacious, alluring, but in particular with a deep knowledge of U2 lyrics. He has intervened in content design, in helping Larry with trip planning and with continuous discussions of the project content both during the collection of the material as well as during the completion phases of the project.

So much enthusiasm, so much research, many photographs, many sleepless nights, many opinion exchanges with lot of passion and enthusiasm.

Finally, the touch of David Evans, the Edge (Marina Martinato), nicknamed the Scientist, who with infinite patience and invaluable organizational skills would has cataloged all the collected material, making it available for web disclosure.

Completing the project with a generous heart, the same passion and professionalism the old Friends: Guggi (Elisabetta Zaccaro) as consultant for the English translation and Gavin Friday (Maura Rizzo) as consultant of digital strategies.

photo credits
Drinks in the Granary Bar. Elsie, ADAM, THE EDGE, Paul McGuinness, BONO, Rachel O’Sullivan and LARRY MULLEN, in the background GUGGI, GAVIN FRIDAY and Clive Rowen 
Project Arts Centre, Dublin 1978 © Patrick Brocklebank